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clean air initiative  

Beginning in 2006, we began an advocacy initiative with the objective to change various transportation practices.

The Nature Initiative has engaged in letter writing campaigns and petitions to eliminate or reduce motorized traffic in major municipalities in order to protect wilderness areas and reduce noise and environmental pollution.


education initiative

In addition to the resources available on this site, the Nature Initiative also supports activities that educates the general population on environmental issues. 

We have been sponsors of the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C., which occurs annually in March.


land initiative

Started in 2010, this initiative aims to make donations or support endeavors to protect wild places or other land that provides significant environmental benefits.  Our first grant under this initiative was in support of the preservation of property in Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John.    

We have also provided support to the Norwalk Land Trust, which preserved Farm Creek Nature Preserve (16.2 acres of waterfront property and wetlands on a tidal estuary in Rowayton, CT).


microlending initiative

Since 2007, the Nature Initiative has partnered with microlending organizations to provide micro-loans in developing nations to small businesses and entrepreneurs that have certain environmental merit.

Our first micro-loan was to a pedicab operator in Peru, who needed to make repairs to his "zero emissions" vehicle.  We have since made micro-loans in Bosnia, Cambodia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, and across Africa.


recycling initiative

In 2006, we launched to initiative to recycle items not traditionally accepted in municipal recycling streams (e.g. cell phones, laptops).  Our approach is to transfer items to other sources, such as charities, for reuse, which is the cleanest and most efficient means of recycling.

The Nature Initiative has also petitioned and challenged organizations to increase recycling and reduce waste.  In March 2009, after a year of campaigning, the State Bar of California ceased sending its monthly paper newsletter and switched to an electronic version instead.


trees initiative

Our first initiative in 2005, it was a response to the environmental damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.  The Nature Initiative made financial donations to the Mississippi Audubon Society, which delivered more than 10,000 trees to the devastated area.  The trees were native species that absorb water quickly.  

Beginning in 2008, we also began organizing tree plantings, providing volunteers for community plantings, and supporting other charities and corporate sponsors to get native trees in the ground.

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